Our Mission

Happier, healthier and safer kids

Your Smarterkids emerged from recognising that today's kids navigate a complex world from a young age. Their early years are crucial. Our mission? To offer parents positive, thoughtful gift choices for their children, for every special moment!

Here are reasons why you'll love Your SmarterKids

Built for safety

Our products consider safety first and foremost. Both the build and the technology take this into account, ensuring that you as the parent can have peace of mind.

Limit screen-time early on

One of the biggest worries we face as parents is the ever-increasing presence of screens (both for us and our kids!). It can be helpful as a distraction, but we know that too much is not healthy. Here at Your Smarter Kids, we still love technology, but we know the dangers and offer healthier alternatives.

Trendy and cool

Your kids will approve and be the envy of their friends. Not only are our products good for their development, but they are well designed, appealing and generally kid magnets!

Our 100 day risk free trial

Buy any of our products today and you have 100 days for your child to use it. If they don't like it? Simply send it back for a full refund, no questions asked.

Join over 1,000 Aussies and support our mission

Ensure safe, happy and healthy kids with Your SmarterKids. All our products are backed by our 100 day risk free trial, so shop today!